Pre Apocalypse Counseling

Pre Apocalypse Counseling is an interactive one-on-one (50 minute) or group (90 minute) performance, that leads participants through a series of conversations, psychological and physical exercises, and visualizations in order to examine his/her/their emotional connection to the probable or improbable apocalypse. Sessions are facilitated by Lindsay Tunkl and take place in her Subaru Forester. One-on-one sessions are intimate, focusing on the individual’s perceptions, fears, and personal strengths. Group sessions draw from one-on-one sessions, but take the form of interactive workshops concentrating on trust, group survival dynamics and issues of collaboration under extreme stress. The sessions draw from and incorporate methods of Psychoanalysis, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Scent Therapy, Sound Therapy, Buddhist Meditation, somatic practices and humor as a tool for healing. 

Pre Apocalypse Co-Counseling adopts themes and exercises used in PAC sessions facilitated by Lindsay Tunkl, and has been adapted to function in the co-counseling format. PAC-C is focused on building empathy, understanding and solidarity as participants explore their relationship to the probable or improbable apocalypse. The co-counseling structure aims to make the important processes in Pre Apocalypse Counseling accessible beyond Tunkl’s Subaru and promote intimate interchange among loved ones, friends, acquaintances and strangers. Further instruction on how start your own PAC-C sessions can be found in the following pages. 

Humanity has been bombarded with apocalyptic possibilities for centuries - from biblical notions of the end to nuclear war and global warming. These possibilities have been normalized in such a way that our understanding of ‘apocalypse’ has been trivialized and overlooked. It is necessary to examine how our lives, individually and societally, have been affected by the constant prospect of humanity’s demise. In PAC and PAC-C, participants are given the opportunity to interrogate their beliefs in an attempt to understand what it means to exist before extinction.

Sessions are not documented. Over a hundred sessions and group workshops have taken place since 2014 - present. 

The Pre Apocalypse Counseling Handbook, Origins and Endings: An Inkblot Test and the Scents of the Apocalypse were created so that viewers could participate outside of Tunkl’s one-on-one and group facilitation. Now anyone, anywhere can can use the tools of Pre Apocalypse Counseling.